Booking Policy

Movi will agree to accept your booking under the following terms:

While all work is carried out on a “best effort basis”, Movi is not responsible for any instance of power failure, poor weather, extraneous noise, interruptions by persons not employed by Movi. Acts of God, or any other uncontrollable incident, which may delay, impede or prevent the execution of the contracted work. Power must be provided as technically described or requested by Movi.

If performance of any or part of the Project of this Agreement is prevented or rendered unworkable or impossible by any act or regulation of any public authority or bureau, civil tumult, epidemic, interruption in or delay of transportation services, war conditions, emergencies, weather or any cause beyond the control of parties to this Agreement, it is understood and agreed that neither party shall have any claim for damages arising from or related to this booking. In that event, all obligations of the parties under this Agreement shall be waived.

Movi requires access to all venues or locations prior to the commencement of the work to inspect the premises for safety, adequacy of facilities, and access routes. Production fees may be increased due to additional, risk, time or equipment required to carry out the work. The Client will be informed of any increase in advance in writing prior to the event.

In the event, a site inspection should take place outside of the Island of New Providence; the client will assume all costs as it relates to the execution of this inspection.