New Alliances, New Opportunities

In an interview on securing the Group’s state-of-the-art 4K broadcast truck – the first of its kind in The Bahamas – Founder and Lead/Operations Manager Burton Wallace discusses the local demand for such a resource and the partnership that led to the acquisition. “I saw the need for our own outside broadcast truck a long time ago. We were on the perimeter of all these incoming events and witness to tons of equipment and people being imported all the time and I realized it would be such a great business opportunity if these things could already be here. Incoming event managers would say – ‘If you guys had this here we’d be calling you all the time’ – because they hate having to ship equipment for the job. They’d like to be able to come here, do their thing, and leave without all the extra hassle to worry about. “I got connected with a guy named Sergio from Brazil. We spoke about business opportunities. I did the research on his company and liked what I saw. We also got on really well, so we made the decision to do business together while working on an IDB conference in Nassau. “Meeting and working with Sergio, who owns several successful media companies, has given me a source for services that is just phenomenal. It’s greatly increased the footprint of what we can put on the table now for clients, and literally all it takes is a phone call. This business alliance has also opened the door for extensive training opportunities for Bahamians in the tech and communications field. For instance, I’m working with BTVI because I want to ensure their studies are in keeping with the tech needs of the day. I’m also thinking of MoVi Internships for UB students. We now have the capability to produce world-class communication technicians at all levels. The opportunities are many.” Leah Carr, March 5 2018