MoVi Selections!

*Two films currently running at Galleria Cinemas at the Mall at Marathon (New Providence) and Mall Drive (Grand Bahama)* Any day of the week is a good day to see a movie. Whether you choose to hit the theatres for some of that buttery popcorn that you just can’t seem to get anywhere else, or snuggle under warm blankets at home in the comfort of your living room or bed, here are two movie recommendations from The MoVi Group based on ratings from Rotten Tomatoes (the TripAdvisor of movie sites). 1) Ready Player One Synopsis: It’s the year 2045 and people immerse themselves in a limitless virtual world known as the OASIS. When the OASIS creator dies, he promises his fortune to the player that can find his Easter Egg. Wade Watts finds the first clue and embarks on a treasure hunt with his friends to save the OASIS and their world. Rotten Tomatoes’ Critics Consensus: “Ready Player One is a sweetly nostalgic thrill ride that neatly encapsulates [Stephen] Spielberg's strengths while adding another solidly engrossing adventure to his filmography.” 2) Pacific Rim Uprising Synopsis: After his father sacrificed his life to lead humanity to victory over the “Kaiju,” Jake Pentecost has since gotten swept up in the criminal underworld. A new threat arises and Jake joins his estranged sister Mako Mori as she leads a new generation of pilots in the fight against extinction at the hands of the Kaiju. Rotten Tomatoes’ Critics Consensus: “Pacific Rim Uprising won't win any points for subtlety or originality, but it delivers enough of the rock 'em-sock 'em robots-vs.-kaiju thrills that fans of the original will be looking for.”