Getting to Know Us - MoVi’s Staff Member of the Week: Nicolette Johnson! Production Associate

This Profile for Nicolette (Nicky) Johnson has the honour of being our first of many, showcasing the talented and super-duper people who make up the heart and soul of The MoVi Group. Passionate and dauntless in her quest for excellence with a thirst for knowledge and career advancement, Nicky Johnson is likely to go far in her chosen field. She has been working in media for almost ten years, starting as a production junior with local TV and radio station JCN. The camerawoman now has a variety of production assignments under her belt and continues to expand her skills with The MoVi Group, where she’s worked for the last four years. “My favourite part about what I do is getting to create the look and feel of what a client wants – bringing their ideas and thoughts to reality.” Aside from her job, Nicky enjoys spending time with friends and family and is a sports enthusiast. “It doesn’t matter if it’s football, basketball, or any other game – I love sports. The Lakers are my favorite but I keep up with all the teams and their stats. Recently, I’ve become hooked on watching televised golf games as a result of filming the golf tournament in Exuma.” The tournament she refers to is the Great Exuma Classic, where Nicky made history by becoming the first female camera operator to “close on the 18th hole,” or film the final shot (read more about it here)! Nicky was part of the MoVi team hired by NBC to film the event for their television networks overseas. Her passion extends beyond sports and production. Nicky has a heart of gold and is kind and caring of her fellow man. She finds herself naturally mentoring and encouraging young people like herself, helping them find confidence and showing them how to take those first steps toward achieving their hopes and dreams. “Whatever knowledge I have, I try to share it among people who may not have the same opportunities I do. I always say it’s not the way you start, but how you finish. Once you put your best foot forward, someone will see you, and doors will begin to open. “I would like to see more opportunities for women in this field, and I’d like to help create those opportunities. I love my church and help out in their production department and with church events when I can. I like to help people and motivate them by letting them know how far I’ve come and that they can be successful too. “I work hard because I want to leave a legacy; if I was gone tomorrow, what would people say? I always try to put my best into whatever I do. As much as it’s about pleasing the client, it’s also about that moment you get to see your work out there and go, ‘Muddasick – that good, eh?!’”