A Winning Shot: The MoVi Group’s Nicollette Johnson is First Female Camera Operator to Close on the 18th Hole!

Being the first female to “close on the 18th hole” was an accomplishment Nicolette Johnson hadn’t even dreamed of when she assisted filming the Great Exuma Classic Golf Tournament in Exuma as part of The MoVi Group production team, in conjunction with NBC, earlier this year. “I won’t say it was by chance, because I think your steps are ordered. But the NBC team was short camera persons. The camera guys that were supposed to come in from Freeport arrived late. We were already live and couldn’t just stop what we were doing, so they asked me to go on the 18th hole and everything just sort of fell into place. “I had no idea what I’d done. It was pretty stormy that weekend, so I went on the 18th hole – in the rain – and closed on the 18th hole. When we were done shooting, they were like, ‘Way to go, Nikki! You’re the first female to close on the 18th hole!’” The 18th hole, Nikki clarifies, is the final hole in golf. Shooting on the 18th hole means she shot that closing shot, and was the first female camera operator ever to do it! “It was so interesting because that day a 19-year-old won. So it was a great day of special accomplishments all around, and despite being in the rain – all soaked and wet – I loved it. I got a better sense of the sport, because watching it on TV can be boring but to be there in the moment is pretty great. “I love sports to begin with, especially the production side of it. It’s a pretty great feeling to accomplish this, and I’m looking for more opportunities to show my talents and gifts with The MoVi Group in the future.” By Leah Carr February 21, 2018